CoR 2019

Seems that on 2019 we have to answer the basics before moving on to actions:

  • What is the Club of Rome up to in 2019?
  • What is the priority to focus on?

We chose to answer through the thoughts of Graeme Maxton is a best-selling author, speaker and writer on the big challenges facing humanity – climate change, environmental degradation, inequality, unemployment and poverty. Graeme is a Full Member of the Club of Rome, was Secretary General from 2014 till 2018.

Graeme claims that recycling is NOT the answer to global warming.

Listen here.

How to fix the world in 120 pages

To grasp the scale of the task ahead is hard because it requires societies to question, and then discard, many of their most basic and cherished beliefs. It is not just climate change that has to be stopped, the oceans cleaned up, and species loss halted. It is the entire system of human development, so carefully crafted over so many hundreds of years, which needs to be completely overhauled. The economic system. Humanity’s purpose. What people consider as happiness, progress and freedom. It is these ideas that need to radically change. If humanity is to overcome its environmental problems and build a better world, it needs to question almost everything it considers normal. It is not the end-state that should concern societies most now, however. Before humanity can think about rebuilding the great edifice that is human civilization, it must first tear down great swathes of what has been constructed so far, and with grave urgency. Humanity will need to work hard before it can rebuild.

Change! Download To do list 2019 from here.

Published in English in 2019.

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