ENCI 2019

Emerging New Civilization Initiative (ENCI)
Emergence from Emergency
Engagement Paper – June 2019
Making the Impossible Inevitable
This essay is an outcome and a personal interpretation of the Open Debate & Engagement
Meeting co-organized by the Club of Rome (CoR) and the World Academy of Art and
Science (WAAS) in Dubrovnik on 21-22 March 2019. See credits and references at the end.
Setting the Scene: Why are we doing this together?
The world is full of confusing signals. Life expectancy has been steadily increasing. Literacy
is slowly but surely reaching the entire humanity. Not without obstacles and setbacks, women
are emancipating themselves everywhere. For Most of the World (6 out of 7 non-Western
parts of humanity), aspirations for better levels of wellbeing are now a more tangible dream.
Science and technology are breaking barriers in our knowledge and capacity to act. To many,
caring for one another is the name of the game. Science and technology are also creating the
possibility of dystopian futures with deeper divisions between winners and losers. Relentless
competition is still the name of the game. Human-induced climate change and other effects of
industrialization are destroying the vitality of processes on which human life depends.
Exhaustion of workable fossil fuels is closing an era of energy metabolism with extraordinary
returns. Millions of people have to move to keep alive, and families are torn apart. Signs of
collapse are accumulating. Humanity is thriving. Humanity is committing suicide.