Club of Rome is uniting thinkers around the Globe. At the same time, the Estonian Association for the Club of Rome (ERK) is focused on the issues that are connected to the global changes but could be influenced locally. This defines the languages used for our web page – we are aimed to change the minds locally using our own language Estonian and at the same time we hold the pulse o connectivity in English. Without building bridges the current world is unthinkable. Those bridges must unite nations, genders, public and governments, science and consumers. Estonia is still a transit state. We are proud of the opportunity to understand those bridges of change as well, in times better than established society with a long and stable history.

The Estonian branch of the Club of Rome today unites appr. 50 thinkers from different fields and with various background of expertise. Among us are also a former President of Estonia, two Prime ministers, several members of the Parliament, one MEP, ministers and chancellors accompanied with the next generation. This is a fist that is ready to support our current government though changing times. At the same time, we pay very close attention to the awareness of public and executives.

Join us if you feel that your thoughts can help is shaping a small nation state in its growth that has no limits – sustainable smarts of being and developing which we have called “ecosystemic way”.

The 50th anniversary of the CoR is celebrated in Estonia with the special yearbook ERKAR (abbreviation from our name and yearbook) and with the international conference. The yearbook consists of 27 articles the topics of which are framed with the ideas of the CoR report 2017 Come on! The authors are representing various ideas about the future of Estonia in the global context. Short summaries of the articles would be published on this web page. ERKAR is supported by the Ministry of the Environment and private donators. In 2018 ERK is also asked to participate in discussions about the strategies 2035 (Prime Minister bureau in Estonia) and the bureau of the Estonian President. ERK is linked to international networks of sustainable development.

CoR 50 is also celebrated by Estonian delegation’s participation of the General Assembly of CoR in October 2018.

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